OSS Perks

A listing of tools and services that are made freely available to open source (OSS) projects.
  • RevDeBug

    by RevDeBug DebuggingMonitoring

    RevDeBug provides licenses for local and remote reverse debugging, monitoring and error-reporting tool for estabilished open source projects.

  • Datadog

    by Datadog Monitoring

    Real-time performance monitoring for open source projects

  • elmah.io

    by elmah.io Logging

    elmah.io provides open source projects with a free Small Business subscription for logging errors from your project website or similar.

  • zenhub.io

    by ZenHub GitHub IssuesProject ManagementIssue Management

    Team collaboration in GitHub. Free for public and open source projects

  • waffle.io

    by Rally Software GitHub IssuesIssue ManagementProject Planning

    Work Better on GitHub Issues. Waffle creates a full project management solution from your existing GitHub Issues.

  • PostSharp

    by PostSharp Aspect Oriented ProgrammingCode Weaving

    PostSharp helps .NET developers automate the implementation and validation of design patterns, resulting in fewer lines of code and higher quality.

  • JArchitect

    by CoderGears Code analyzerCode quality

    Manage complex Java code base and achieve high Code Quality. With JArchitect, software quality can be measured using Code Metrics, visualized using Graphs and Treemaps, and enforced using standard and custom Rules.

  • XClarify

    by CoderGears Code analyzerCode quality

    Manage complex Objective-C code base and achieve high Code Quality. With XClarify, software quality can be measured using Code Metrics, visualized using Graphs and Treemaps, and enforced using standard and custom Rules.

  • CppDepend

    by CoderGears Code analyzerCode quality

    Manage complex C/C++ code base and achieve high Code Quality. With CppDepend, software quality can be measured using Code Metrics, visualized using Graphs and Treemaps, and enforced using standard and custom Rules.

  • Bugsnag

    by Bugsnag Exception Monitoring

    Automatic error detection with actionable alerts and intelligent diagnostics to fix bugs faster.

  • Landscape

    by Landscape Continuous IntegrationCode Metrics

    Continuous code checks and metrics for Python

  • Travis CI

    by Travis CI Continuous IntegrationBuildContinuous Deployment

    Focus on writing code. Let Travis CI take care of running your tests and deploying your apps.

  • drone.io

    by drone.io Continuous IntegrationBuildContinuous Deployment

    Continuous Integration for Github and Bitbucket that monitors your code for bugs

  • Xamarin

    by Xamarin MobileCross Platform

    Creating Cross-platform iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile Apps in C#.

  • Coverity Scan

    by Coverity Static Analysis

    Coverity Scan is a service by which Coverity provides the results of analysis on open source coding projects to open source code developers that have registered their products with Coverity Scan.

  • SemanticMerge

    by Plastic SCM DiffMerge

    Source code diff and merge based on language parsing, designed to deal with code that has been moved and modified.

  • Crowdin

    by Crowdin TranslationLocalization

    Translation and localization management platform that handles both documents and software projects.

  • SSL Certificate

    by GoDaddy TLSSSLInfrastructure

    One year free SSL Certificate from GoDaddy.

  • InstallBuilder

    by BitRock Installer

    BitRock InstallBuilder is a development tool for building cross-platform installers for desktop and server software. With InstallBuilder, you can quickly create dynamic, professional installers for Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, Solaris and other platforms from a single project file and build environment. In addition to installers, InstallBuilder will generate RPM and Debian packages and multiplatform CDs/DVDs. Automatic update functionality makes it easy to deliver updates directly to users once they have your software installed.

  • Embedded Chronon

    by Chronon Debugging

    The Embedded Chronon licensing program allows you to embed the Chronon recorder inside your own applications and use the Chronon APIs to do things like start/stop recording, etc.

  • Time Travelling Debugger

    by Chronon Debugging

    The Chronon Time Travelling Debugger allows you to playback Chronon recordings of your Java programs and easily find root cause of defects. It is specifically built from the ground up to allow debugging of long running programs that run for days/months and are highly multithreaded. The debugger plugs seamlessly into Eclipse adapting itself naturally to your workflow. You can also use the Eclipse integration of the Chronon Debugger to easily record programs on your development machines from within Eclipse.

  • Code Climate

    by Code Climate Code Quality

    Hosted static analysis for Ruby on Rails and Javascript.

  • Gemini

    by Countersoft Issue ManagementProject Planning

    Organize Projects. Handle Customers. Control software development activity, channel customer interaction & go agile with Gemini

  • Nodejitsu Hosting

    by Nodejitsu Hosting

    The simplest, most reliable and intelligent Node.js hosting platform.

  • Sauce Labs Account

    by Sauce Labs TestingWebMobile

    Manual or automated (Selenium/JavaScript) testing for iOS, Android and any browsers.

  • VS Anywhere

    by VS Anywhere Remote CollaborationPeer Programming

    VS Anywhere improves communication and project execution, enabling tasks like: Simultaneous code writing, Pair Programming, Training of junior developers, Best practices implementation, Simultaneous project navigation and Real-Time/Interactive Code Reviews. All from thousands of miles away or from the other side of the office.

  • CodeBetter CI

    by CodeBetter Continuous IntegrationBuild

    A continuous integration server farm (JetBrains TeamCity) for open source projects, run by CodeBetter and sponsored by JetBrains.

  • Codio

    by Codio IDEHTMLCSSJavaScript

    An amazing web IDE for Javascript, HTML and CSS

  • Balsamiq Mockups

    by Balsamiq UXWireframes

    Balsamiq Mockups is a rapid wireframing tool that helps you work faster and smarter. It reproduces the experience of sketching on a whiteboard, but using a computer. Making mockups is fast. You'll generate more ideas, so you can throw out the the bad ones and discover the best solutions.

  • AppVeyor

    by Appveyor Continuous IntegrationBuildContinuous Deployment

    Hosted Continuous Integration and Deployment for busy .NET developers

  • Runscope Account

    by Runscope API

    Solve API problems fast with Runscope. Free Community Account for HTTP API OSS project contributors.

  • Deployment Manager

    by Redgate DeploymentSQL Server

    Take the micromanagement out of deployment with a tool that makes the process fast, reliable, repeatable, and accessible to your whole team.

  • ReSharper

    by JetBrains ProductivityIDE

    ReSharper is a renowned productivity tool that makes Microsoft Visual Studio a much better IDE. Thousands of .NET developers worldwide wonder how they’ve ever lived without ReSharper’s code inspections, automated code refactorings, blazing fast navigation, and coding assistance.

  • dotCover

    by JetBrains ProductivityIDETesting

    JetBrains dotCover is a .NET unit test runner and code coverage tool that integrates with Visual Studio.

  • dotTrace

    by JetBrains DebuggerPerformance

    dotTrace is a family of performance and memory profilers for .NET applications.

  • WebStorm

    by JetBrains ProductivityIDEHTMLCSSJavaScript

    WebStorm is a powerful IDE for building HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It comes with support for many other languages such as TypeScript and CoffeeScript, powerful refactorings and much more!

  • PhpStorm

    by JetBrains ProductivityIDEPHPCSSJavaScript

    PhpStorm is a powerful IDE for building PHP applications, whether back-end or front-end. It comes with support for many other languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript and CoffeeScript, powerful refactorings and much more!

  • IntelliJ IDEA

    by JetBrains ProductivityIDEJavaAndroid

    IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition is the open source version of IntelliJ IDEA, a premier IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for Java, Groovy and other programming languages such as Scala or Clojure. It also comes with Android support.

  • AppCode

    by JetBrains ProductivityIDEObjective-CiOS

    AppCode is an intelligent Objective-C IDE that helps iOS/OS X developers create outstanding apps with ease and pleasure.

  • RubyMine

    by JetBrains ProductivityIDERuby

    Intelligent Ruby Editor with completion, code snippets and automatic refactorings.

  • PyCharm

    by JetBrains ProductivityIDEPythonDjango

    Python IDE with complete set of tools for productive development with Python programming language. In addition, the IDE provides high-class capabilities for professional Web development with Django framework.

  • GitHub

    by GitHub Source Control

    Powerful collaboration, review, and code management for open source and private development projects.

  • CodePlex

    by Microsoft Source Control

    CodePlex is Microsoft's free open source project hosting site. You can create projects to share with the world, collaborate with others on their projects, and download open source software.

  • MyGet

    by MyGet Package ManagementBuild

    MyGet allows you to create and host your own NuGet feed. Include packages from the official NuGet feed or upload your own NuGet packages. Compatible with NuGet, the Visual Studio Package Manager Console, Orchard, SymbolSource and many more.

  • Confluence

    by Atlassian Team Collaboration SoftwareWiki

    Confluence connects teams with the content, knowledge, and co-workers they need to get work done, faster. Crowd-source meeting notes, share files, define product requirements, and make decisions – all in one place.

  • JIRA

    by Atlassian Issue Tracking

    JIRA is the project tracker for teams planning, building, and launching great products. Thousands of teams choose JIRA to capture and organize issues, assign work, and follow team activity. At their desks, or on the go with the new mobile interface, JIRA helps teams get the job done.

  • YouTrack

    by JetBrains Issue Tracking

    YouTrack is a commercial browser-based bug tracker, issue tracking system and project management software developed by JetBrains. It focuses on query-based issue search with auto-completion, manipulating issues in batches, customizing the set of issue attributes and creating custom workflows,and implements a keyboard-centric approach.

  • Bitbucket OnDemand

    by Atlassian Source Control

    Git and Mercurial Hosting For Teams. Host your code online in as many public and private repositories as you want. Free 5-user tier accounts! Manage your projects with confidence with built-in issue trackers, wikis, code comments, and pull requests.

  • Kendo UI

    by Telerik UIWebHTMLJavaScript

    Comprehensive HTML5/JavaScript framework for modern web and mobile app development. Kendo UI is everything professional developers need to build HTML5 sites and mobile apps. Today, productivity of an average HTML/jQuery developer is hampered by assembling a Frankenstein framework of disparate JavaScript libraries and plug-ins. Kendo UI has it all: rich jQuery-based widgets, a simple and consistent programming interface, a rock-solid DataSource, validation, internationalization, a MVVM framework, themes, templates and the list goes on.

  • TeamCity

    by JetBrains Continuous IntegrationBuild

    TeamCity is a user-friendly continuous integration (CI) server for professional developers and build engineers, like ourselves. It is trivial to setup, manage and use. It scales perfectly for a company or a team of any size. TeamCity is absolutely free for small teams.

  • Qt

    by Digia Cross PlatformFrameworkDual LicenseLGPL

    Qt is a full development framework with tools designed to streamline the creation of stunning native applications and amazing user interfaces for desktop, embedded and mobile platforms. Qt's cross-platform full framework and tools enables developers to target various desktop, embedded, mobile and real-time operating systems with one code base. Qt brings freedom to the developer saving development time, adding efficiency and ultimately shortening time to market.

  • SSL Certificate

    by GlobalSign TLSSSLInfrastructure

    GlobalSign offers free SSL Certificates for Open Source Projects. Free Wildcard SSL Certificate for qualified open source projects for as long as project meets the program requirements.

  • PageKite

    by PageKite TestingNetworking

    Fast, reliable tunneling solution to make localhost part of the Web.

  • .NET Reflector

    by Redgate Decompiler

    Decompile, understand, and fix any .NET code, even if you don't have the source.

  • RavenDB

    by Hibernating Rhinos DatabaseNoSQL

    RavenDB is a transactional, open-source Document Database written in .NET, offering a flexible data model designed to address requirements coming from real-world systems. RavenDB allows you to build high-performance, low-latency applications quickly and efficiently.

  • Octopus Deploy

    by Octopus Deploy Deployment

    Octopus Deploy is a user-friendly release management system for professional .NET developers. It enables reliable, automated, frequent releases of ASP.NET applications and Windows Services into development, test, staging and production environments.

  • ANTS Performance Profiler

    by Redgate PerformanceDebugging

    ANTS Performance Profiler is a code profiler for .NET desktop, ASP.NET, and ASP.NET MVC applications.

  • ANTS Memory Profiler

    by Redgate PerformanceDebugging

    Find memory leaks and optimize memory usage in your .NET application

  • .NET Demon

    by Redgate IDEProductivity

    Continuous compilation as you type in Visual Studio

  • SQL Prompt

    by Redgate IDEProductivitySQL ServerDatabase

    Whether you need to write, edit, or explore database code, SQL Prompt makes things effortless.

  • MySQL Compare

    by Redgate IDEProductivityMySQLDatabase

    Compare and synchronize the schemas of MySQL databases

  • SQL Doc

    by Redgate IDEProductivitySQLDatabaseDocumentation

    A fast, simple tool which automatically generates database documentation. Create documents in HTML, Microsoft Word or Compiled HTML Help files. Information about object definitions and dependencies is automatically included, and you can add further descriptions to your database objects if necessary.

  • Deployment Suite

    by Redgate IDEProductivityOracleDatabase

    Compare, deploy and source-control Oracle databases

  • Get Localization

    by Get Localization TranslationLocalization

    A social translation tool that helps you to manage translation of apps, websites and documents better.

  • Transifex

    by Transifex TranslationLocalization

    Manage translations for your website, mobile app, and digital content with the localization platform that integrates with your development process.

  • SQL Test

    by Redgate IDEProductivitySQLDatabaseTesting

    A tool to quickly set up unit testing for databases in SQL Server Management Studio without a complex initial process, to make CI and Agile database development easier to achieve.

  • SQL Dependency Tracker

    by Redgate IDEProductivitySQLDatabaseVisualization

    Allows you to dynamically explore and document database object dependencies using several graphical layouts - integrates directly with SSMS.

  • SQL Data Generator

    by Redgate IDEProductivitySQLDatabaseTesting

    A fast, simple tool for generating test data using existing table and column names, field length, data types and other existing constraints to provide sensible generators. The generators can be customized to meet your requirements, and include a scriptable Python generator.

  • Respondly

    by Respondly CommunicationSocial Media

    Team inbox for email and Twitter conversations.

  • Synergy

    by Synergy Si MouseKeyboard

    Request a free NFR (not for resale) Synergy account with download access. It's software for sharing your mouse and keyboard between multiple computers on your desk. It works on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

  • OzCode

    by OzCode DebuggingVisual Studio

    The revolutionary debugging extension, which complements Visual Studio and supercharges the C# debugging experience.

  • Zube

    by Zube GitHub IssuesProject ManagementIssue Management

    Effortlessly Manage Your GitHub Issues